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Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Blessings of Family

Most of the children are home this weekend for Mother's Day. Tim and Katie, along with baby Gabriel, came from Searcy and Justin and Chelsea drove over from Memphis. Jon will be home next weekend, and of course it's a bit far away for Brandon to make the trip from China. Jordan and Christian are never happier than when their brothers and sisters are all home. I cherish these moments. Tonight Terry and I sat out on the porch together while he played the guitar and sang. We could hear the children laughing and scheming (they later surprised me with a "new" bedroom-all decorated and new monogrammed bedding from Pottery Barn)as they worked on our room. These are the moments we cherish. What a gift to see the fruits of your labor in your adult children. To see them walking with the Lord, to see them as loving parents and good friends. It is quiet now. Justin just came in for a snack before bed. Everyone else is asleep. What a blessing my two sons-in-law are to our family. I am beginning this blog as a way to remind myself, and those I love, of how very blessed we are to share a place called home.


Blogger Chelsea said...

what a wonderful idea, momma! it will be so nice to have an "online home" where i can "talk" to you and "listen" to your thoughts. i miss our talks...:) thanks for making this.

7:34 PM  

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