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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A Sunday in Florence

July 9, 2006 This morning the bus picked us up in Castiglione Fiorentino and drove us to church in Florence. The singing at church was wonderful and very uplifting. We had an appointment immediately after church to visit the Uffizzi Gallery. So much beauty at once is overwhelming. I imagined how each man, with God's gifting, envisioned each piece in their mind. After the Uffizzi we ate at Piazza Signoria, followed by a walking tour of Florence..by the Duomo, Piggy Market, and Piazza Repubblica. We caught the bus back home at 6, ate dinner at 7, and settled in to watch the final game of the World Cup at 8pm. About 15 of our friends joined us in our apartment, while Terry went back and forth betwen us and his Italian friends watching downstairs! Italy won 5-3 in penalty kicks. It was so exciting. There were horns blowing, guns and fireworks. It was an incredible evening to be in Italy.


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