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I am a wife of 38years and a mother of six, mother-in-law to four, and grandmother to twelve. I just completed my 24th year of homeschooling. I have lived many years of my adult life in Italy and Greece.

Monday, May 04, 2009

I'm Back!

It is hard to believe that it has been an entire year since I last posted. I have been encouraged by so many friends who, unknown to me, were regular followers, to continue with my musings on the daily joys and trials that make up life. For a short, condensed summary of the past year...In August Terry and I celebrated thirty years of marriage, followed the next day with emergency heart surgery to replace his aorta and valve. Becaus of a long recovery period we were unable to make our trip to Italy and spent the Fall semester at home while Terry recuperated.Jonathan went in his stead and did an outstanding job as interim director in his Dad's absence. In October, our granddaughter, Charlotte Kimberly, was born in Catania Sicily.In October, Jordan experienced his first broken wrist, while waveboarding, and had to be in a cast for six weeks. In November, the older children gathered their resources to fly Brandon and family home for a visit.We all enjoyed this time of being together so much.In January, little Julia Marcail joined her little brother Gabriel, 3, and sister Maria, 2, born just one day after her sister's 2nd birthday.I was hospitalized during this time with what turned out to be esophageal spasms, and grateful it was a problem that was easily treated with medication.In March, after many weeks of joy and excitement, Justin and Chelsea once again sent their unborn child straight into God's waiting arms. In April, Brandon and Kristin returned from Sicily for him to complete his masters work at FHU.Tim finished his MBA at Harding in early May. I guess the truth is that it is impossible to condense a years worth of living in a few paragraphs! So from this point onwards, my intent is to share the joys in living in this world, and to encourage my family and friends to live quiet lives serving our Lord...lives of contentment.


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