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Friday, May 19, 2006

Katie Elizabeth

25 years ago today, our beautiful Katie Elizabeth was born into this world. What an absolute joy she has been in our lives. Only fourteen months before her arrival, we lost our firstborn son. God was so good in answering our cries and prayers with the safe arrival of this little one. We have watched her grow from a tiny little thing heading off to her Italian "il nido"- literally, the nest, a morning school- proudly carrying her snack and beautifully embroidered table linens (sewn by our dear sweet cook Miranda) . She is artistic, spending her teenage years drawing, painting and sewing treasures found throughout our home. She is resouceful, with a wonderful eye for decorating a room with unusual finds. At a time when other young girls were wanting cars and new clothes, Katie gave her unwavering support to our decision to add two little boys to our family, necessitating her having to go without, and working several jobs all through college. She never complained. As a 19 year old college graduate,we spent hours on our knees in prayer as she struggled with the decision to leave law school in order to have time to be the kind of wife and mother she knew she would want to be in the future. She made the right decision and is now the happily married wife and most devoted mother to our first grandson, Gabriel. As a young lady she was always the organizer and instigator...of special anniversary dinners hosted by her and her brothers and sisters, a weekend getaway for our 25th anniversary, a new bedroom set on Christmas morning, and most recently our room makeover for Mothers day. She has such a generous spirit. I think, though, that of all her many talents, what is most unique about Katie , is that she seeks the Lord's will as she lives her life. I could go on for a long time, just as I could about each of my six blessings. But on this special day, I wanted to pay a special tribute to our own "Renaissance Woman"--Katie Elizabeth. Ti voglio bene. P.S. This beautiful nest is full of Indigo Bunting eggs from my friend, Dana's front porch rafters. We enjoyed watching the bird flit around on the edge of the woods during our recent visit out on her porch.


Blogger Bethany said...

She sounds wonderful. I just want to jump right in and meet her.

2:09 PM  
Blogger Chelsea said...

katie is truly a wonderful person/sister/mother/wife/friend. i am incredibly blessed to have her as my older sister. (don't worry i still know that i'm you're favorite daughter:)!)

7:45 PM  

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