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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Farm Life

We just returned from the most enjoyable day and night away, at a beautiful log cabin farmhouse in the hills of Tennessee. New friends had invited us to spend the evening with them, to visit, and get to know more about each other. We are having perfect Fall weather here, and upon arrival they let their two horses out to roam and we all took a walk down the farm lane. We shared a meal together and then sat in front of the fire and talked. It was the first night we've had that was cool enough to do that. The boys slept in the cowboy room. They thought it was perfect with it's saddles and deer antlers. Our room had a tall four poster feather bed that you had to use a stepstool to climb into.The boys had their new fishing equipment and were up at the crack of dawn to sit out on the dock with their poles in the water. It's the stillest I have EVER seen Christian sit. They caught a total of four fish and just loved every minute of it. There was a small stone spring house with a little stream that ran across the front of the farm. We headed down to the large creek where 6 beavers had made a huge dam. The boys "accidently" fell in the water and ran up this creek for miles splashing and laughing. I don't believe I have ever seen them have this much fun. We spent more time swinging and rocking on the front porch and enjoying a beautiful Fall day with two gracious and kind kindred spirits. What
blessings we are given by our Father.


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i thought id leave you a note so that you know where mu blog is. Thanks for the chat! Love, Brandon

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