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Sunday, September 10, 2006

New Friends and Good Fellowship

On Thursday of this week some friends of friends came to stay for a couple of nights to tour our campus. They were both homeschool families who shared many of our same expeiences and we had a delightful visit while they were here. It is always such an encouragement to have the chance to talk with other "like-minded" women. They had brought with them two big bags of homemade yeast rolls, cinnamon rolls (compliments of Sheri...they were wonderful!!) and some apple butter, and then upon their departure gave us a gift certificate to our favorite seafood restaurant and a lovely leather journal (and that was kind of funny, after admitting to them the day before how I never wrote more than a couple of pages before losing them:) I will try hard to hang on to this one. Then last night we invited a new family at church and their two sons, and a new English teacher and my friend, Linda, over to share a meal. We had such a good time of sharing and getting to know one another. We are beginning a new ladies class on Wednesday night which I am so excited about, and these women will be apart of our new class. These last few days have been such busy ones but I start the new week feeling so encouraged by these new friends God has put into my life. Until my son-in-law comes to visit my blog will be pictureless:( I've had to switch computers and I'm clueless on this one. Come see us Katie, Tim and Gabriel!!


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