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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Fall Break

The week of October 8-14 flew by. Chelsea had called us to let us know she'd been sick, and would have the week off from work. We decided to take advantage of her time off to make a trip to Searcy to visit with family. The boys and I left Wednesday at noon (Dad had to stay home and work, but sent us with his blessings) and met up with Justin and Chelsea, who drove on the rest of the way with us.We met up with Jon and Shayna that night after dinner, and went to College church together. It was wonderful seeing all the kids together (with the exception of Brandon in China). Gabriel has grown so quickly. He is walking and stays busy pushing toys, pans, etc. all around the house with his little bottom sticking in the air. He's just precious. The next morning my dear friend Nancy watched all the boys while I went out with the girls and had lunch at Colton's together. Jordan and Christian really enjoyed playing with John and Joey again. We stopped by and visited with Brandon's girlfriend at her store, and made plans to visit together the next day.Thursday night we all went out to the ball fields to see John Oliver's game, and for the boys to practice with their brother Jon's team. Friday, Kristin joined up with us and we all headed to Little Rock to look for new shoes for Gabriel. I'm sure store owners thought we were the Beverly Hillbillies...9 people to buy a pair of baby shoes! Justin bought some "holiday sodas" at Target that we took home for a taste testing session. Gross! They were turkey and gravy, antacid, sweet potatoes, peas, and butter rolls.We left Saturday morning after a visit to see Jon coaching the Harding women's soccer team.It was a special moment to see him on the field his Dad planted, mowed, etc., working with the soccer program his Dad started.We made it home around 4 pm, just in time to visit with our friends, the Nixes, who were in town for a soccer game. They brought us the mother of all mums. It took four people to load it in the car! I'll post a picture later. It is gorgeous. All in all, it was a wonderful, crazy week that was full of a lot of laughter.


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