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Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Day in Nashville

On the morning of the 23rd (of May) the family decided to drive to Nashville and surprise Jon for the day, with a late birthday party. Justin took him golfing, and then to Maggiano's Italian Restaurant for lunch. When he walked in the door he was truly surprised. That was a first! We ate for 2 1/2 hours, and the food was amazing. A real Italian feast. I felt as if we were at a wedding in Sicily with all the courses. Katie had made him a wonderful poster with scriptures imposed over a backlit photo of him with his guitar. She has such a gift for gift giving, and always seems to know what would be most meaningful to the recipient.We then headed over to the Science Museum for the afternoon. The boys had a great time, along with the little ones. One of the most memorable was feeling "weightless" on the climbing wall with their brother-in-law, Justin. He's always up for trying something new!We went by to see Jon's new apartment...great neighborhood. I think all of us felt better about him starting this new phase of life in Nashville now that we can imagine his surroundings. We sure do miss seeing him all the time, but are excited to see him making his dreams come true.


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