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Friday, December 01, 2006

Graduations, Jobs...Busy Family Life

Life has been a whirlwind lately. We shared a wonderful time together with all of our family celebrating Thanksgiving at Chelsea and Justin's. We stayed up late playing Pictionary, Justin and Jon spent an evening bonding in line at Wal-Mart waiting for the sale TV:), and Chelsea and I had a fun shopping trip on the day of the sales, and a lunch at Olive Garden. I've been busy sewing various Christmas projects--I gave the girls their Christmas Advent calenders and Christmas aprons early. It's so much fun to see my daughters creating their own welcoming homes.Katie and Tim are busy preparing for the arrival of baby Maria. We can all hardly wait.Chelsea leaves this Sunday for two weeks at Ethan Allen headquarters for job training. She's a bit apprehensive (her first trip away from Justin) but I know she'll have a great time. She's good at what she does and she's loving her new job. She graduates from FHU on Dec. 15.Jon has just accepted a job with Dell Computers in Nashville. He graduates from Harding on December 16!Two graduations, Christmas,two birthdays, a son returning from China, and a new granddaughter--all in the next month or so. And to top off all of these blessings...Lord willing, we will close on the sale of our house in Searcy in the next couple of days. They are finishing up the last of the paper work, we sign, and then it's done!!It has been five years since we moved to Greece, and since then, we have stayed there off and on, but have had it rented out most of the time-- with some bad renter stories here and there! This is such a blessing to have this burden lifted. Please join us in prayer that all will go well and it closes this next week. I'll keep you posted.Brandon called from China yesterday and is busy making plans for his new life with Kristin.We received word last week that his full-time missions support is looking good, though not official yet.The FHU board approved the new academic program in Italy, so Terry and I and the little boys will be leaving in May to spend the summer and fall in Tuscany.We're looking forward to this next adventure and are so grateful for the doors God has opened for our family. Jordan and Christian are busy little guys. They do a lot of skateboarding, bike riding, soccer, video games, etc. They are both doing well in their schoolwork, especially enjoying the Math class they do online. They really have a knack for Math. Well, I need to get started with our school day. Tonight we are going to see "Happy Feet" at our local theater.We've created some neat memories with the boys at this theater...two minutes from our house, clean movies, popcorn and drinks-$5 on family nights! Can't beat small town America!


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