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Monday, July 23, 2007

Days in Rafina and Porto Rafti

After seeing our Patrons group off, we headed to Rafina, to the Hotel Avra for a few days of relaxation on the water. It has been wonderful. The boys have really enjoyed the beach-flippers,goggles, snorkels and collecting seaweed balls. According to the news we are having a heatwave, but have really not felt it out here. In the evenings we sit out on our balcony and there is a nice, cool breeze...and a lot of noise and activity. I love it! We're right on the Marina so we watch the ships come in and the folks unload. The tavernas are all open, with people stopping for a late-night dinner. There is much music, clinking of glasses and laughter. Last night after dinner at the taverna (King mackeral, tsaksiki, greek salad, crab salad, saganaki and fries) we took a walk along the boardwalk and then to a local park. The boys enjoyed watching the local skateboarders, and we enjoyed watching the grandparents with their grandchildren. Oh, how we miss Gabriel and Maria! Yesterday we spent three wonderful hours with Vicki, Yianna, and Mietek at Porto Rafti. They came out to the car to greet us as we arrived, served us lunch, cold drinks...and then we just talked for hours while the boys played in the pool. They are so dear to us and it was so good to hear how God has blessed their lives. Mietek is the frst Polish man at his church to buy his own home AND be blessed with three children-Naomi, Ruth and Jacob. The ldies kept hugging on the boys and crying. They both still had little pictures the boys had drawn for them, three years ago, hanging on the walls. The boys thought that was pretty neat. We have been very blessed with such good friends.


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