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Friday, June 15, 2007

Life in the Hills of Tuscany

We have been at home in this beautiful little home on the hilll now for a little over a week. It cannot be adequately described in words, so I'll describe it in pictures. Jordan and Christian are loving the freedom of exploring a new world. Terry is enjoying sitting outside in the cool breeze and playing his guitar, and am enjoying being surrounded by my books and the quiet stillness of the countryside.


Blogger Nat said...

I gotta say I'm filled with envy. In a good way (I think..)



10:01 PM  
Blogger zlatadanka said...

Rec'd your letter yesterday. We all loved the card, thanks. Got a postcard from Barbara too from Brugges (she remembered it was one of my fav places). Hope they are having a great trip. We are so glad to hear from you and I will check here off and on to see if you have posted again. Loved the pics. Happy you are enjoying the country life but can I say from one country girl to another "I MISS you". Especially those giggles and belly laughs. Dec seems forever away.
We went to Bethel tonight for Mark to speak. All were well. Met Mrs. Plunk and Josie, feel I know them all from our talks. We sat in your seats - wish you could have been there with us. I love the new aud. Kids had seen it but I hadn't. Nice. Playground was great too.
I have been sewing (New tablecloths for the picnic tables and lots of clothes for Beata and even new ties for Alex) and croppin'(made tags today for my bonnets and little brown jug on porch. They have bios and pics and I think I really like them) fun fun.
Mark leaves Fri for NM. We wanted to visit Mom but she is really sick right now, so not sure that will work out.
Oh bad news, no passports even still so looks like our trip may be sidelined for now. But on the up side, if we don't go this summer it looks like we may in Dec. And I love the Xmas markets so that would be fun! We still do something in July though, just not internationally I guess.
Miss you dearly. Glad you are having fun though. Miss hearing about all your kiddos too - hello to them all from us.
Don't eat too many cherries and have Terry play something in our memory (anything but the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald - one of the few songs Mark plays on the guitar... all those verses get old after 27 years :-D
hugs, Dana
PS we keep watching your yard but we've had such little rain it is not needing much mowing. We'll keep an eye on it though.

11:11 PM  

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