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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Onward to Rome!

We are leaving in a few minutes for our three week trip. We will be in Rome tonight and will pick up our group at the airport tomorrow afternoon. We are looking forward to sharing these times with these special individuals. Some we have known since college days, some we travelled with back in the early days of HUF, some are friends from our local congregation--and some we have never met. How blessed we are for this opportunity.It was more work getting the house ready to leave for three weeks than it was to move over here. Earl and Lora are going to be staying here part of the time that we are gone so I was needing to leave instructions for turning on the gas stove, taking the garbage down the hill, etc. To add to the excitement the pump went out yesterday afternoon so we had no water. Fortunately it was restored before bedtime.So now we are ready. The boys have their sketchbooks and pencils, Nintendo DS's, read aloud books, schoolwork (yes, we're still doing school, though we aren't doing schoolwork in Greece),and swimsuits.We're excited about seeing the Colosseum and Sistine Chapel, and riding bikes in the Borghese Gardens. Ciao, tutti!


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