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Thursday, June 15, 2006


We spent almost 7 hours in the car yesterday, in order for Terry to speak for one hour in Tullahoma, and it was well worth it. The drive to East Tennessee is absolutely beautiful. After the rocks of Greece, we both have a real appreciation for green grass and trees.Terry did such a great job speaking on absolute truth. His message was clear and easy to understand, and was a message of such hope. We know that we have truth in a world that tells us that it doesn't exist.The people of the congregation were very friendly and appreciative of our long journey there. The boys were wonderful. Christian became sick, as usual, but quickly recovered.They played Learning Leapster the entire way, giggling and laughing. They are real troopers about travelling.On the way home we did hit a large black furry animal, that made an incredible noise on impact, but neither of us was sure what it was,it happenned so fast.The last hour on the road, passing through Savannah, Waynesboro, etc. was quiet as the boys had fallen asleep and there was very little traffic on the road. It gave me time to reflect on how blessed I was to be travelling through our beautiful country, with a man I love and admire, who stands for goodness and truth, with sweet children asleep in the back--and to be reminded how I have all of this because of the grace of God, and not because of anything I ever did to make this happen. He is so good and I am so blessed.


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and the church said....amen

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