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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Sheri's Care Package

My friend, Sheri, called today to tell me I had a care package on the way. This is no ordinary care package...this one contains her famous yeast rolls! In her spare time- when she's not homeschooling her five children- she has had a very successful home business selling her baked goods. Though I was thrilled to hear of her gift, I was even more thrilled to have a chance to visit with her by phone. God brought Sheri into my life many years ago (Spring semester 1986) when she was one of my husbands students in Florence, Italy. Twenty years later we have shared many discussions on children (my six, her five), adoption, homeschooling, missions, and our callings as keepers of the home. Her visits are always such an encouragement to me. She is a loving wife and Mother, and because of her, this world will soon be blessed with five young men and women who will love the Lord with all their hearts, souls and minds. So, thank you, Sheri, for the example you set. And I'll let you know if the rolls were any good or not...I just might need to sample a wider variety! P.S. Jon called me last night and was wanting to make some cookies to snack on. The no-bake chocolate cookies were his favorite to make in high school so he was needing the recipe..thus the post:)


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