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Friday, June 09, 2006

Life With Little Boys

Today was the last day of basketball camp for the boys. They were thrilled with their new t-shirts and basketballs. When I arrived for their skill demonstration , there were still 8 children left in the competition. It got down to two--a boy named Daniel and Jordan. I prayed so hard that Jordan would win. He has had such a hard time this year with Christian picking up the reading and spelling so easily, that I really wanted him to feel like he was able to excel in something. God is so good...Jordan won. And, being Jordan, hasn't mentioned it since, but has had that little bit of extra confidence all evening. Basketball camp was worth every penny. Tonight we took them to see "Cars". It was wonderful! There was even a little Fiat 500 and "Ape" that both spoke Italian. We really enjoy the small town theater...popcorn, drink, candy and admission for $5 on family night. We head to Memphis tomorrow afternoon to spend time with the girls and their husbands. Jon just called and said he might be able to join us. Having time together as a family is something to really look forward to.Hope everyone's weekend is a good one.Seeing the little three wheeled car in "Cars" made me think of this ice cream cart in Italy.I'll be eating gelato in only two weeks!!


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