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Monday, May 21, 2007

Family Time

On Saturday we woke early and met up with Katie, Tim and the babies at Chelsea and Justin's. We had such a wonderful day together. It was especially wonderful because Chelsea normally worked at Ethan Allen on Saturdays and was only able to join us in the evening. She received a promotion last week (way to go, Chelsea!)and is now Operations Administrator...with weekends off! The guys played bocce, soccer, and video games while the girls went window shopping. We celebrated Katie's 26th birthday at Carabba's Italian Grill for dinner. Gabriel and Maria are growing so quickly and are absolutely adorable. They both have such sweet natures. Jordan and Christian spent the night and went to church with everyone on Sunday. Terry and I had to head back because Terry was speaking. It was an unexpected "vacation" and very much appreciated.When the boys got home last night you would have thought it was Christmas. They had their new outfits on (compliments of Chelsea and Justin), their new Nintendo DS (compliments of Katie and Tim), Brainquest, Spirograph--to name just a bit. I think the boys have been telling them that we'll be gone longer than we really will be. The time will fly, and we will really miss all of them so much. We are so blessed to have these precious children. All nine of them. Justin and Chelsea will be here next weekend and then we're all spending the weekend together in Nashville and going to church with Jon at Crieve Hall on our last Sunday. We fly out two weeks from tomorrow. I have much to do so I better close for the evening. Tonight is my niece's graduation. Congratulations Jessica!! Full trustee scholarship to Harding University in the Fall. Way to go!! Last weekend was David Case's College graduation from Harding University. Bravo, David!! We expect great things from you!


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