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Thursday, May 24, 2007

New Addresses

The stress of moving, packing and cleaning has caught up with me for the first time. I am generally so healthy, but this week I've felt my age. I think my body has just not been able to keep up with everything I need to get done. My right wrist is in a splint from a pulled tendon, I've hurt my back (using the Rug Doctor), but my cough is improving. My eye checkup went well, with no changes in two years. The health concerns have forced me to get serious with diet and exercise while I am still young enough to prevent more serious problems. That will be a goal while we're in Italy over the next six months. I'm going to try to feed my family seasonally grown foods, without all of the additives we have in our foods here. I'll let you know how successful my attempt is:) We fly out on June 5 and will be flying home on December 7. My friend, Jenny, is picking up the boys for the day tomorrow and fixing dinner for all of us tomorrow evening. I'm hoping to get finished up with my many projects around the house.It's very important to organize the piano music:) I do wonder why these little things matter to me when I'm going to be gone for six months, but haven't bothered me at all for almost four years!!From June 5- August 24 we can be reached at :La Pietra Grezza, Via Castello di Bisticci
50067 Troghi
Rignano sull' Arno (FI) Italia
and from August 25- December 7:
Hotel Sobaria
Via della Pineta 2
06010 Citerna (PG) Italia Write us!


Blogger Sheila said...

Dear Gentle Spirit,

I can hardly believe you are now leaving, and we have not ever gotten together, except that weekend in Searcy! This crazy American pace of life!

I'm so excited for you....I was just telling someone recently about you guys and the whole project....I wish you the best with the move, and will hope to meet up with you somewhere, sometime later! (unless my next weekend plans get cancelled and I decide to drive over and help you pack!)

Love to you all, Sheila

10:11 AM  

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