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Saturday, May 27, 2006

A Fresh New Day

Today has been a busy and productive day. I think I got so much done because I felt so guilty that my children were working on cleaning our house in Searcy for us. We've decided after numerous bad renter experiences to just put it on the market and trust the Lord to help us sell it (along with wonderful realtors-Phil and Judy Hoggard:) I helped a friend pack and move Thursday and in the process agreed to store her grandparent's dining room furniture for her. It's a different style and I thought I could be helpful, and at the same time enjoy something a bit different for a while. Only one problem... once we got it in place I hated the way it looked in our blue dining room. It was much too dark. Sooo... after a morning spent painting my backporch, I decided to paint the dining room. I'm going to try having just one blue wall for a few days and see if I like it. If not, it'll just be all white. It's a nice change and I love displaying my Aunt Rema's violet dishes in the 40's style china cabinet. Of course, once I painted the walls, I moved on to trim, touchups, etc. It's now almost midnight and I'm ready to call it a day. Lunch is already prepared for tomorrow, the table is set...I love days where you can look back and see the fruit of your labors.


Blogger Chelsea said...

i will miss the greek dining room:(

11:51 AM  

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