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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Not-so-little Guys

Since I have now written about four of my children, I decided I needed to say a few words about our little guys. Jordan and Christian, 8 and 6, are incredibly unique and special little boys. I am so blessed to have the time at home with them each day that I do. This year has been especially rewarding as they have both begun reading on their own. Jordan, with his dry wit and "Eeyore" tone of voice keeps us laughing. Christian walks around the house reading and trying to spell any and every word he has ever heard. Jordan wakes early and enjoys spending time alone with his Legos and army men making up games. Christian wakes and immediately leaves a trail of art supplies, paper scraps and glue behind him. They are best buddies. I do not know what they would do without each other. On Monday they will both head off to Basketball Camp. This will be the first time for Christian. It's kind of sad, sometimes, that I now buy their clothes in the boys section (they wear sizes 8 and 10)instead of the toddler section, but I also love to see them develop their own interests and talents as they grow. How blessed we were 6 and 8 years ago by two young women who chose to love unselfishly and give the best they could for these two little boys. Because of their love two little boys are quickly growing into kind and loving young men...and one day soon, Christian husbands and fathers.


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Blogger Sherry said...

With tears of remembering and tears of gratitude I want to once again thank you for the wonderful home and wonderful opportunities you give these precious boys. Sherry

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