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I am a wife of 38years and a mother of six, mother-in-law to four, and grandmother to twelve. I just completed my 24th year of homeschooling. I have lived many years of my adult life in Italy and Greece.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


After looking over my first week of blogging I realized that I would need to be careful to include ALL of my blessings or someone might feel left out. With a wonderful husband, six children, two son-in-laws and a precious grandson I could stay busy just writing of my love and respect for each of them. Not to mention keeping everyone abreast of who is doing what. So today's blog is dedicated to Jonathan Michael. Jon, who just celebrated his 22nd birthday, has been one of God's greatest gifts.He had gone through three cribs before he was 18 months old, was walking at 7 months--in other words, he has just kept us hopping! If there's a mountain peak, Jon will climb it or die trying. He is a wonderful example of perseverance. I will never forget the day, while living in Athens, Greece, that at only 17 years old, he crossed the finish line of his first Marathon. I knew that he could accomplish anything in life that he set his mind to. This past year has been a busy one for Jon--a senior Marketing major, working at the hotel, translating for an Italian company, coaching a soccer team, etc. But he still found time to spend his Spring Break in Louisiana mucking out houses for those in need. I love it when he calls during the day just to chat and catch me up on his day. He is a hard worker who gives 100%. Daily, he is becoming a real man of God. I am so proud he is my son.


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thank you mother

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