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Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Rainy Day

Terry woke me this morning with the best ever Christmas present...we're not leaving for Searcy until tomorrow. I stayed up past 2AM getting all of the presents wrapped and am just worn out this morning.It is raining hard and my house still needs cleaning.I'm so looking forward to getting there because I can then relax and enjoy my grandson and children, but I want a clean house to come home to next week.So, I've just finished cleaning the downstairs, and it is all sparkly and Christmasy. Now I will even have some time to finish some little extra sewing projects for various family members, Terry can get the oil changed in the car, and we can have a bit of quiet before the storm!Last night the boys received a package from their grandparents in Texas.The timing could not be more perfect. This morning, to help with their profound disappointment:) at not going today, I let them open their gifts of four of the ultimate coolest Bionicles they'd ever seen!!Sheri, if you're reading this, they could not have loved any gift more!They are now happily ensconsed in the family room, talking and playing non-stop. They are going to go Christmas shopping with their Dad today for gifts for their brothers and sisters, we'll share a pot of soup this evening, and then head "home for the holidays"! Enjoy your families!


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